10 ways to increase conversion rates on Ecommerce product pages

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By Ivan Lim

increasing ecommerce conversion rates - low stock level urgency

New research has shown that for every $92 spent on driving traffic to a website, only $1 is spent on optimizing conversion rates to maximize sales.

Isn’t that crazy? I think it’s pretty crazy. If we’re spending all this effort getting visitors to our stores we should be doing everything we can to make sure they become customers.

Too much money is going to waste by sending traffic to poorly optimized pages and it pains me to say this, considering my background is in online shopping, Ecommerce site are the biggest culprits of this.

In particular many ecommerce sites really struggle when it comes to their product pages. In this post I’m going to cover 10 ways to increase conversion rates on your ecommerce product pages. Let’s get into it!

#1. Add a layer of urgency – Learn to leverage fear

One of the most powerful emotions that Ecommerce retailers can leverage is fear, the fear of missing out. Many product pages are stock standard. They have a product pictures, some text and a buy now button. There isn’t however anything that pushes a customer to buy right there and then.

Creating urgency forces the customer to ask themselves whether they can risk not buying right now. Nobody wants to miss out on a deal and creating urgency adds impetus for customers to make a buying decision sooner.

American apparel do a great job of this by indicating when stock levels are low for a product. This tells a customer to buy now or risk losing out.

Using limited time special offers like free shipping for the next 2 days can also work really well.
increasing ecommerce conversion rates - low stock level urgency pic2

Finally the Groupon model is a classic version of creating urgency where every deal is only on for a limited period of time.
increasing ecommerce conversion rates - low stock level urgency pic3

#2. You need to make your call to action obvious!

One of my big pet peeves is going to an ecommerce product page and finding it hard to locate the buy now button. If you want customers to buy don’t make the button hard to find. Don’t have your buy now button at the bottom of the page after all your product details.

Always make sure your add to cart button is in visible position and preferably in a contrasting colour. Make sure it looks like a button as well because that’s what it is a button. People instinctively look for a button so make it easy for them.

ASOS do a great job of having a clear button in a contrast colour without cramping their focus on style. Add to cart buttons don’t have to be ugly
increasing ecommerce conversion rates - strong call to action 1

Kitchenware Direct is another site we really like and they have beautiful clear buttons that always make it obvious what you need to do next if you want to purchase
increasing ecommerce conversion rates - strong call to action 2

#3. Remove customer concerns

The majority of Ecommerce sites out there do not know how to use trust signals on their product page. Trust signals are basically visual representations to convince customers that shopping with you will be risk free.

Shopping online is always a case of trust. The more a customer can trust you the more likely they are to buy so adding trust signals to product pages can go a very long way.

Kitchenware Direct do a really good job of this once again with strong trust signals on every product page right next to their buy now button. They tell customers how quickly they will receive orders and also have lots of credit card logos and an easily accessible phone number to call them on.

If you were considering buying from them you would probably have little trouble trusting that they’ll deliver on what they promise!

increasing ecommerce conversion rates - trust signals

#4. Add context to your products

Ok so this might seem a bit confusing to some of you. You’re probably thinking,”what do you mean by context?”. Context basically means do showing your customers real life examples of the product in action. The more you can show the product in real life the easier it is for a potential customer to decide that this is what they want to buy.

A real great example is how one of our clients, Laura – who runs an online jewellery store, increased her conversions 271% just by showing customers how her jewellery looked in real life. See her case study to see exactly how she did it.
kluster shop category page improvement

Another good example is Rushfaster who sell laptop bags and backpacks. To give customers an idea of how big their bag is they have simple diagrams showing you how big it is relative to your body. That removes fears or concerns that the bag isn’t the right size.
increasing ecommerce conversion rates - giving context

#5. Use videos whenever you can

I say it over and over but I’ll say it one more time, videos on product pages increase conversions. The closer a customer can get to a real life touch and feel of the product the more likely they are going to buy from you. It also shows that you’ve got nothing to hide, you’re open to showing customers exactly how your products work.

Appliances Online do this really well with videos on their top selling Samsung Fridge. They even use an expert reviewer to feature in the video and then prominently display his quote and picture on the rest of the product page to build more trust. Smart!
increasing ecommerce conversion rates - video on product page

#6. Give them a price to compare to

Ok before you rip into me about how your store is not about selling at the lowest price, hear me out. Remember how I mentioned before that shopping online is all about trust? Well showing a comparison price plays on the same need amongst customers to know that they are making the right choice.

Even if your store is all about great customer service or maybe amazing design etc it always helps for customers to know that the price they are paying is fair. You don’t have to be the lowest price on the internet but just showing customers that you are giving them great value monetarily will increase conversions.

Wiggle do a great job of showing savings for their customers across their entire range of fitness products. They show the retail price and also show you how much you can save.
increasing ecommerce conversion rates - price comparison

#7. Give them social proof

Customers like to know that they aren’t the only ones purchasing from you. They want to know that other customers have bought from you before and had a great experience. This means that social proof is essential to convincing customers to trust you.

The easiest way to do this is display customer reviews for your products. Yotpo is a great tool for collecting customer reviews for ecommerce sites!

Another social proof tactic that I really like is what Kogan do. They show you little pop ups that appear whenever someone has purchased from the store. It makes you feel like the whole site is actively being used by lots of other people making purchases while you’re browsing. Instant trust!
increasing ecommerce conversion rates - social proof

#8. Don’t make customers wonder about shipping costs

One of the most frustrating parts of shopping online is not knowing what the shipping costs are. When customers are ready to buy they don’t want to be hit with unexpected costs. Even worse than that, you don’t want customers to go exploring across your site just to find delivery costs which just disrupts your conversion funnel.

So what should you do? Well the first thing you should do is try and get flat rate shipping across all products in your store and display it prominently on product pages.
increasing ecommerce conversion rates - flat rate shipping
If you can’t get a flat rate shipping cost you can get a shipping calculator added onto your product page. Again it removes the need for customers to go searching for deliverability costs. It’s all upfront and easy to find.
increasing ecommerce conversion rates - shipping calculator

#9. Be readily available to help

When customers want help they want it fast. The sooner you answer their questions the sooner customers can make a purchasing decision so make sure your contact details are readily available. It also adds a layer of trust when you show customers that your support team are always around.

One way to do this is to make sure your phone number is easy to find on the product page so that customers can call.

The second tactic is to use Live Chat. It’s a great tool for allowing customers to get answers fast without having to send an email and wait for a response the next day.
increasing ecommerce conversion rates - live chat

#10. Give them a discount on their first purchase!

Last on the list but certainly not the least effective tactic is offering a small discount for a customer’s first purchase. It’s a sure fire way to lift conversions.

It’s almost a goodwill gesture to show customers that you want to give them a small boost to start trying you out.

Not only are you giving away a small discount to get a customers you’re also gaining another email address for your database which is incredibly valuable!

The best way to implement this is via a pop up showcasing the discount and offer or through a site wide banner like this one from Sneaking Duck.
increasing ecommerce conversion rates - small discount

Now your turn

So there you go, I’ve listed out 10 simple tactics that you can implement right now onto your product pages to improve conversions.

Like I said before, product pages are so crucial to increasing conversions on your store. It’s the key page where visitors make a buying decision and if you fail to gain their trust you will lose them.

I encourage you to not just read this post and think of it as “nice to know” tips. Instead take on the suggestions and start implementing them on your site.

If you need help implementing these changes why not get a free quote from us to get the work done. We make changes to your website from just $39.

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