5 email autresponder tips to turn subscribers into customers

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By Ivan Lim

This blog post was written by Alon Men from Remarkety – a provider of email remarketing solutions for small and medium e-commerce retailers. He is also the CEO Writec. Alon has extensive experience in e-commerce, serving as consultant for various online businesses around the world.

Whenever people talk email marketing a lot of advice focuses on how to get more subscribers. Something that unfortunately doesn’t get as much coverage is advice on how to construct an effective email autoresponder drip campaign to convert subscribers into actual customers.

Sending email remarketing messages to members can increase conversions by as much as 10-20%. It’s not overly complicated either. The key is focusing on a few key fundamentals. Here are 5 tips on how to do it effectively.

It’s about creating dialogue

A lot of people freak out when they think about putting together an email autoresponder series. What do you write about? Do you just pummel your subscribers with special offers?

The truth is that many times your emails don’t need to be overly sales focused or pushy. What subscribers want is to just have a dialogue with you. Even a simple email asking for feedback, showing a customer testimonial / case study, or offering help to get them setup on a free trial are great ways to start a dialogue.

You will be surprised at how a small question or an offer for assistance can convert customers who maybe got distracted during checkout or just need clarification on something like your shipping policy etc.

Offer something compelling – and test it of course

While creating dialogue is great there is of course room for making a special offer to your email subscribers. If you are going to offer a special discount you need to make sure it’s compelling.

People regularly sign up for email lists to get perks so make sure that what you’re offering is something that will move them to try out your service and purchase.

You should also be A/B testing your offers to see if a higher discount actually means more conversions. Here at Remarkety we’ve found many times that the difference in conversions between a 10% and 20% discount is negligible. Remember to always be testing.

Get in touch quickly

Once a customer signs up to receive your emails don’t wait it too long to get in touch. Usually an email on the same or following day to say hi works well. The average inbox is inundated with emails from all over the web so if you take too long to get in touch people might just forget who you are.

Stay in close contact

Email autoresponders are regularly called drip campaigns for a reason. It’s not about one or two emails, it’s about sending multiple emails regularly over an extended period of time.

Too many websites have an autoresponder series that runs for 3 emails and that’s it. Many times it takes regular pushing and prodding of email subscribers before they commit to a purchase. It’s all about establishing trust with your brand and that cannot happen with a handful of emails. It happens over an extended period.

Let’s get to know each other but no beating around the bush

There’s no point trying to be evasive about why you’re emailing these subscribers. Let them know that you want their business. A direct approach is usually more effective. Try something like “We want to help you make your first purchase…”.

In all your email copy be concise, straight to the point and clear that your business is awesome and they should be buying from you.

Also remember to add a personal touch to your emails. Nobody likes receiving something from a generic email address like [email protected] and from a generic sender like Company Name. Try using your own personal name and also a personal email address. The small personal touch can really set you apart.

What now?

Follow these 5 simple steps and you’ll be well on your way to maximising returns on your email database.

What other tips have you used to convert more subscribers to customers? Let us know below!

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