Custom WordPress Theme vs. Purchased Premium Theme

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Now and then, I’m asked the question, “What’s the difference between a custom WP theme and a purchased or free theme?”

The answer is how one utilizes the site, their requirements and budget. I generally would ask my potential clients of their requirements, what are they looking for in terms of the site working for them and their budget. The answer in most cases is that budget is their #1 priority.

Let’s break it down:

Custom Made WordPress Theme

A custom theme is more attractive than a “purchased theme out of a box” because it is designed specifically to meet the needs of the user. This is because every design preferences and details are all taken into account, from font, colors, layout and features.

The pros: You get what you want in terms of design, features and functionality.

The Cons: A custom theme is more expensive to create and maintain.

There is, however, a serious drawback from using a custom WordPress theme. It is more expensive and time consuming. Hiring a web designer to code the website from scratch is far more expensive than buying a pre-designed theme. That is why, custom WordPress themes are not a practical solution if you are working on a tight budget, and if you want to start your small business website as soon as possible.

Fortunately, you can get immensely powerful and extraordinarily flexible WordPress themes. These are the themes that you can modify in a number of ways. The foremost themes in this category are those themes with built-in front end layout builders. On the admin panel of these themes, you can create your own layout, choose your color scheme, and select buttons and navigation elements, all in a drag and drop interface. Yes. You can change the look and the layout of your web page, even without touching the CSS and PHP codes. Also, next in line to this kind of themes, are those that do not have a template builder, but they are loaded with lots of features that can meet common layout demands and perhaps some specific needs of users. Basically, they are packed with skins, layout variations, widgets, navigation and much more.

So here, we have some of the themes that can be considered as serious alternatives to custom WordPress themes. If you like this article, please share this to your friends. We will also be happy to hear your additions and suggestion of the comment section below. Enjoy!

Grid Portfolios

Multi-Purpose WordPress Themes

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